Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am so excited to tell you about my steal at Rite Aid!!! I just got back and wanted to post this picture before life got busy! All of the makeup was FREE and the candy was all filter items (but they were BOGO FREE)

All Cover Girl makeup is BOGO Free!
Mineral Powder Foundation $12.99
Mascara $5.30
Blush $4.39
Eyeshadow $3.39-$5.59

Use the BOGO Free Foundation Mnf. coupon
Use the $2.50/2 Mnf. coupon
Use the $5/2 Mnf. coupon
There are also $1 off coupons and use 2 of them to get $2 off the item you are not getting for free!!!

I also used the $5/$25 or the $3/$15 before Mnf. coupons!!! Hip2Save has the links for both of these coupons!!!

My coupon savings was over $100!!!! B/c of how their system calculates the total you are not easily able to see in store savings, but it had to be more than my coupon savings!!! I had a total of 4 transactions, one of which was for an over the counter medication we needed, plus the nails.

Trans #1-Medication-$5.73
Trans #3- $1.09
Trans #4- $1.34

What a great deal!! Super excited!!!

Any scissor will do...

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