Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prepare to Shop-Becoming a Savvy Shopper Part 2

Now that you have become a Savvy Shopper, you should be organized and ready to go shopping!!

Creating a List: Once you have subscribed to The Grocery Game, you can start your list making! (Samples below are directly from Teri's List)
  • Log in
  • Next to each grocery/drug store you will see a link that says "TERI'S LIST" and open it
  • At the top of the list she has directions about how to read the list.
  • The big things to note are:

Green Items:
FREE! (Plus Applicable Sales Tax) Bold Text
Blue Items:
Best deals for stockpiling! Italic Text
Black Items:
Buy these only if you need them Normal Text

  • This is the top of the list. To view this list, my preference is to view "GROUP LIST ITEMS BY COLOR." This shows all of the items in order of color. When I first started I shopped all colors, now that my stockpile is large, I now really only shop blue and green items.
  • I recommend print the entire list the fist time that you go through it! I find that it helped the first few times to make sure you understand the different column. Highlight as you go the items that you are going to get.
  • After you get the hang of it, you can then check the box (all the way to the right) on the items you plan to get! And then when you have finished you select "SHOW ONLY SELECTED ITEMS"
  • Make sure to take this list with you to the grocery store because you want to make sure the items are actually on sale for the price listed. Sometime items are incorrectly marked.
    When I first started, I didn't realize that some sales are select items only. I made the mistake of not taking my list and actually bought some items that were not on a good sale. So just make sure to check that you have your list!!
  • When shopping watch to see how many items you have to buy to get the deal. Some sales you must buy the specific amount to get the deal or some coupons might give a specific amount of items.
  • In order to go to the store organized, I print off my list with the selected items I am going to buy. I then go through my coupons and place them in a note card sized expandable file (see below) according to the stores that I am going to. This helps when at the store to just pull out my list and my coupons instead of digging through my entire book for every item.

  • I always make sure to take my coupon binder with me!!! There are always extra items that we all put into our cart and most of the time there is a coupon to match!
  • One tip...just because you have a coupon for a name brand item that is not on sale does not mean that it is cheaper than the store brand.
  • Always make sure to take the store ad with you!!!
So...that seems to be all of the basics to get you into the stores!!! If there is anything that is unclear, please leave a comment and I will answer any questions I can!

Any scissor will do...

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