Friday, September 18, 2009

King Soopers Coupon Policy

King Soopers (Kroger affiliate) does have restrictions on how one can use coupons, but I have yet to find it on their website or in their advertisements. This post from Hot Coupons World is the closes I have come to finding a corporate policy on using coupons in their store.

The biggest restriction that I have run into is that one can only use 3 like coupons in one transaction. When I run into this issue with a checker then I tell them that I will pay for the others in a separate transaction. Sometimes I will get a checker that says "I will let you do more than 3 just this one time, but not again." Other times I will get a checker that holds to the rule.

Any scissor will do...


  1. Alot of big companys (Like Victoria Secret) have very strict rules about their coupons, and that is SIMPLY for the safety of the associates. On the back of every coupon there are a list of rules, regarding how the coupon can and cannot be used.

    A valid I.D has to be used with EVERY coupon use and it is a common rule only 1 coupon per day per customer.

    It must be the WHOLE coupon, it cant be cut out because the associates have to have the expiration date and certain other texts on the coupon in order to be able to accept it.

    People make fake coupons, or make copys of them to pass out or even sell, (even though it clearly states on the back the rules of the offer) for the purpose of saving money, which no there is nothing wrong with, but it is IMMORALY wrong.

    Each company has to make a certain amount of dollars everyday, (As an associate myself I feel the CONSTANT pressure)

    Coupons like that when misused for selfish reasons can cost associates there jobs.

    The assiciates dont make the rules, they simply carry out the tasks by the corporations.

    Everytime they accept MISUSED coupons KNOWING they are not suppose to, simply to please the customer who is threatening to call customer services on the associate who is only follwing rules and CANT change them, it hurts them. Not only can YOU being dramatic over a 3 dollar discount that you DONT qualify for(which is HORRIBLY selfish of you) you are hurting them EVEN more by threatening them of that to get your way. These compaines keep records of every purchase and every mis used coupons and threats like that harm the assiciate more than anyone realizes.

    People think these jobs are easy going and not complicated. Ive raised 7 children. I been a waitress, Ive gotten on my hands and knees to scrub toilets to pay the bills. And no job has ever been more stressful or dificult. The assiciates a majority of the time do the best they can. If for some reason you DO have the rare chance of meeting an unfriendly associate, make sure they are ACTUALLY in the wrong, instead of throwing a tandrum over not getting your way.

    I work hard everyday to please my customers and I know alot of associates work harder. Only to be treated like dirt for all of my hard work to make my customers happy.

  2. Sorry for the typos and such. Its late and i didnt really pay attention as i typed.

    I simply wanted to get a point across, and maybe make people realize the girl SPRINTING across the store trying to make her happy.