Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amazing Target Find!

Target has some amazing coupons out that I was able to stack with manf. coupons! There was so much overage on my items that I was able to get new shoes for my son and a new bag for myself for free! I had a coupons for every item in the picture except the bag and shoes, but I was not even able to use all of them because there was so much overage! I have 19 coupons left for another trip! I only paid $.66 plus tax $7.01. Here is the break down:

8 cans of Chief Michael's wet dog food (stacked-Free + $17.36 overage)
6 1Lb bags of Chief Michael's dog food (stacked-Free + $.84 overage)
8 5 oz bags of Chief Michael's dog food (stacked-Free + $13 overage)
4 travel size Crest Whitening Strips (Manf.-Free + $11 overage)
5 individual size General Mills Cereal (Printable-Free)
5 Men's Degree deodorant travel size (Manf.-Free)
3 Women's Degree deodorant travel size (Manf.-Free)
4 Johnson & Johnson Travel size 1st aid kit (Manf.-Free)
6 Gerber Bottles (Printable- Free)(Donating to Caring Hands Pregnancy Center)
12 Market Pantry Cheese sticks (Printable-Free +$.20 overage-not in picture)
4 Rimmel Mascara (Manf.-Free-supposed to be $.24 ea)
2 Dove Deodorant (stacked-Free-supposed to be $.29 ea-could not use 1 of the coupons)
4 Skittles (Printable-Free-could not use coupon)
6 Twix (stacked-Free-could not used coupons)
4 Head & Shoulders travel size Shampoo (Manf.-Free-could not use coupon)
4 Banana Boat travel size sunscreen (Manf.-Free-could not use coupon)
Bag (Free-supposed to be $6.48)
Boy Shoes ($.66-supposed to be $12.99)

Total: $.66 + $7.01 tax
Savings: $133
19 coupons left for more free items next time I am at target!!

Target does not always give overage on items. Their store policy says that if a coupon is over the item amount, that they will price adjust the coupon to meet the price of the item. Some checkers might argue with you about this. It is helpful to carry the Target Policy with you just in case.

Manf.= Manufacturers Coupons
Printable= Target printable coupons
Stacked= Manf. + Printable
Any scissor will do...

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