Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Deals and Steals-$337.93 Savings!!!!

This was an AWESOME week!!! I typically do not go to all 4 stores in a week, but I could not pass up everything this past week!!

Out of Pocket Expense for the week: $45.77
Total Savings for the week: $337.93!!!!!!!!!

OOP: 23.38
Savings: $137.46
2 Gal. of milk are missing from the pix.

OOP: $6.36
Savings: $79.27
The manager did say that Small Step wrote them a letter making sure that their cashiers follow the coupon of 1 coupon per person. He allowed me to go ahead with this transaction, since we had already rung them up, but they are not allowing more than one like coupon on Small Step any more :( Bummer!!!
10- 4 packs of toilet paper all for FREE!!!!!

King Soopers
OOP: $12.33
Savings: $94.62
(one of my ecoupons didn't work... so it should have been $3 lower OOP)

BOGO Free Sale ($7.29 ea)
use 4 $3 Mnf. Coupon
OOP: 3.70
Savings:$26.58 plus a store coupon for a free snickers!


  1. You are SOOO amazing!!! I can't wait to have time (this summer and beyond!!!) to do this!!!!

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