Sunday, October 11, 2009

Freebies & Deals at Albertson's

Albertson's has some AWSOME deals this week through Tuesday the 13th!!! Even if you do not clip Sunday coupons, there are so many printable coupons available for great deals! They are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling coupons up to $1. They also have a deal if you buy 6 of the participating items you receive $3 off (B6G$3)

The purchase price for everything in the pictures (plus a few things not in the picture) was $18.89 with a savings of $142.02.

3 Boxes of Cheerios B6G$3
$1.50 ea
3-$.55 printable coupons= $.50 ea

4 Boxes of Crunch and Munch 10/$10
4-$.35 sunday coupon = Free

2 Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks B6G$3
$1.50 ea
2-$.40 printable coupon = $.50

3 Boxes of Chex Mix Bars B6G$3
3-$.60 sunday coupon = $1.00

9 Boxes of Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis B6G$3
$1.00 ea
9-$.50 printable coupons & sunday coupons=Free

8 Fiber One yogurts B6G$3
$2.00 ea
8-$1.00 printable & sunday coupons=$1.00 ea

4 Boxes of Ideal sweetener ($3.19 ea)
4-Free 50ct box from sunday paper=Free

1 Betty Crocker Frosting B6G$3
$1.00 ea
1-$.50 printable coupon=Free

4 Cans Hunt Spaghetti Sauce 10/$10
2- $.50/2 printable coupon= $.50 each

10 Bags of Frozen Green Giant Steamers B6G$3
$1.00 ea
10-$.50 or $1.00 printable and sunday coupons=Free

4 Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza ($.88 ea)
4-$.50 sunday coupons (individual size coupon)=Free + overage

6 Bags of Chex Mix B6G$3
$1.00 ea
6-$.50 printable coupons=Free

To get the printable coupons go to:
Most of the sites will allow only 1 or 2 copies of each coupon. If you have access to more than one computer you can get double the coupons!!

Some other good deals that I am going back for tonight are:

Progresso Chicken Broth B6G$3
$1.00 ea
$1.00 or $.50 printable and sunday coupons=Free

Progresso High Fiber Soup B6G$3
$1.50 ea
$.25 or $1.10

Make sure to check here for your local advertisement! There are so many other great deals for under a dollar!!! Great time to stock up and so worth the drive to the nearest store!!!

Any scissor will do...

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