Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Colorado

In my quest to find the best deals possible while shopping, I have not found any websites or blogs that support Colorado Couponers.  So, I now have a goal to launch this blog to support those who love to get a good bargain.  

In this journey of creating a blog, I hope to be able to teach you how to get the most for your money and even cut down on your grocery bill! I will provide the steps needed to get started and provide resources in various links to get you the best deal on most of your household items.  
I hope that your journey learning how to use coupons is as fun as my journey has been! I have been clipping & printing and collecting coupons for 8 months now and as my friends now say, "It has become a sickness." 

I value a dollar in an entirely new way! I don't look at it as one candy bar in the checkout stand...I look at it now as 4 sticks of deodorant! I hope that you can join in on the "sickness" and provide your family with the most for your money!

Any scissor will do...

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  1. I am the first comment ever on your new blog! Woo-hoo! And I love the "any scissor will do..." line; very clever. :)